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Aperture | Hub is a community built on the exchange of ideas around technology, strategy and the dynamics of the platform economy.

Our aim is to improve our collective intelligence by subjecting ideas to multiple filters  — establishing the right context, narrowing down the arguments and encouraging contrarian viewpoints— all within a safe, non-polarizing environment.


Building a Safety Net for the Self-Employed

This podcast is part of our Future of Work series, brought to you in collaboration with Trezeo. Ben Robinson is joined into the conversation by: Garrett CASSIDY (CEO of Trezeo ); Jonathan KEY (CEO of Labour Xchange) and Gareth McNAB (Co-lead of OB4G —  by Nationwide).

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The Ethics of Technological Change

We’re exploring the ethics of broader technological change. Ben Robinson is joined into the conversation by: Jim LARUS (Dean of Computer and Communications Sciences at EPFL); Philippe GONZALEZ (Senior Lecturer in Sociology at University of Lausanne) and David Galbraith (Partner at Anthemis VC).

Episode #8

Network Effects in Financial Services

We're exploring the potential of unleashing network effects in financial services. Ben Robinson is joined into the conversation by: Evgenia Plotnikova (Principal VC @ Dawn Capital); Martin McCann (CEO at Trade Ledger) and Oliver Prill (CEO at Tide Business Banking).

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Featured articles


What is a challenger bank for?

Six reasons for an incumbent bank to launch a challenger brand

not being able to execute on micropayments business models is bad for business and for consumers.

Is Spotify the new MoviePass?

 A look at existing and emerging internet-age business models

make the Swiss brand more successful: pivoting from “Swiss Made” to “Swiss Designed”

The Internetworked Nation

 Neither cuckoo clock nor silicon, Switzerland’s adaptive system combines lasting quality with cutting edge innovation


The rise of the Growth Platform

The rise of the Growth Platform

In pursuit of faster growth, firms must choose what not to do.

Introducing | a p e r t u r e

Introducing | a p e r t u r e

The future of strategy depends not on changing perspective, but on changing perspective and light

Insights from FinTECHTalents


Do Traditional Banks Really Still Own The Customer Relationship?

How Marketing Adapts to the Networked Age

How Marketing Adapts to the Networked Age

spoiler: it’s not adtech

Firms need business model change, not blockchain

Firms need business model change, not blockchain

In banking we can safely predict that it won’t be blockchain or APIs or AI that transform the industry. Instead, it will be new business models empowered by those technologies. 

An Unpretentious Case for Blowing Some Tailwind into Airbnb

Airbnb is facing a perfect storm of challenges, but that is where its future might lie.

Or how the short-term accommodation-rental platform should re-discover its roots as a safety layer for both guests and hosts


The case for Techno-Optimism


Our guest is Ian Stewart, known for being, among many other roles, the co-founder of WIRED Magazine. Together we discuss WIRED's journey; the state and future of media; China and its technological progress.

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Nurturing brands, families and funds


Together with Adrienne Perramond, President of Business Angels Switzerland (BAS), we discuss the landscape of angel investing in Switzerland, lessons for entrepreneurs, the changing nature of branding and marketing in the D2C age and more.

Full transcript here.

Episode #5

Strategy is dead. Long live strategy!


Together with Markus Menz, Professor of Strategic Management at the Geneva School of Economics and Management —part of University of Geneva — we explore the role of corporate strategy in the networked age.

Full transcript here.

Episode #4

Startup Success Recipes

Together with James Miners, serial-entrepreneur and now Senior Advisor at Fongit  Incubator, we explore what it takes to make the journey from scientist to startup founder, transforming ideas into successful mass-market products and what is the key to startup success.

Full transcript here.




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