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a p e r t u r e is a community built on the exchange of ideas around technology, strategy and the dynamics of the platform economy.

It is both a virtual community — sharing and discussing ideas through articles, podcasts and a bi-weekly newsletter — and a physical one, organizing meetups in Geneva, Zurich, Berlin and Bucharest. Our aim is to improve our collective intelligence by subjecting ideas to multiple filters  — establishing the right context, narrowing down the arguments and encouraging contrarian viewpoints— all within a safe, non-polarizing environment.


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The Internetworked Nation


The rise of the Growth Platform

The rise of the Growth Platform

In pursuit of faster growth, firms must choose what not to do.

Introducing | a p e r t u r e

Introducing | a p e r t u r e

The future of strategy depends not on changing perspective, but on changing perspective and light

Re-imagining the safety net

Source: N. Colin, HEDGE, Illustrator: Marguerite Deneuville

A review of HEDGE, by Nicolas Colin.  Illustrator: Marguerite Deneuville

How Marketing Adapts to the Networked Age

How Marketing Adapts to the Networked Age

spoiler: it’s not adtech

Firms need business model change, not blockchain

Firms need business model change, not blockchain

In banking we can safely predict that it won’t be blockchain or APIs or AI that transform the industry. Instead, it will be new business models empowered by those technologies. 

An Unpretentious Case for Blowing Some Tailwind into Airbnb

Airbnb is facing a perfect storm of challenges, but that is where its future might lie.

Or how the short-term accommodation-rental platform should re-discover its roots as a safety layer for both guests and hosts


[Ep. #1] Playing Devil’s Advocate

Ben Robinson sits with our guest David Galbraith, Partner at Anthemis VC, discussing big topics — fintech, internet business models, economics, politics, the climate — but through the prism of what people are missing or what are they not asking themselves.

Full transcript here.




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We live in the world Herbert Simon predicted where "a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention" and so curation is more valuable than ever.  

Every two weeks Dan Colceriu sends out a newsletter with carefully selected reading content across strategy and business development, evolution of the firm in the digital age, and the broader context of the platform economy.

a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #21

Inter-networked strategy and work


a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #20

 Superstar firms, falling stars, ecosystems and agglomeration 


a p e r t u r e | Newsletter #19

 Enterprise tech, platforms, marketplaces, networks, a new web 


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